Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gone Blonde...

Not me! Our office has decided to go blonde. We finally decided on a color to paint it. Previously it had been blessed with some rather interesting green & white striped wallpaper to about waist-high level. We knew right away that we wouldn't be wading in that sea of uglyness for long, but being novice home decorators it has taken us awhile to agree on a new color. I wanted something bold, since the rest of the downstairs is beige, with only the dining room being a olivey-sagey green color. Not too exciting. But, our office is small and we didn't want it to feel even smaller by painting it a dark color. So Kev agreed that we could paint the powder room downstairs RED (Chianti, to be exact... how appropriate, eh?) and we chose Blonde for the office. It's not quite as bright as it appears in this photo... It's much more dirty blonde. I'll have to wait until the sun reappears before I'll be able to get any more accurate photos. Isn't it lovely?

P.S. Pretend that you don't notice that my husband not only painted the walls, but also a bit of the outlet itself. Sloppy work, I tell ya... ;-)


Christy said...

Very nice!
oops someone forgot to cover the outlet. ;-)

Scrapper88 said...

LOL!! love the color, dont worry some of our outlets got painted as well.