Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bad Momma...

Notice anything different here... ?

How about here...?


Yes, she is wearing a band-aid on her foot. We had a little mishap with the nail clippers last night. Cutting Chloe's nails has always been my responsibility. I swear, it was the first time that I ever drew blood. I'm sure that I was far more distraught over the whole ordeal than she was. I almost cried. Seriously. And then I convinced Kev that we need to run to the pet store immediately to pick up some 'quick stop' before she loses too much blood. Ok, so it was a bit dramatic. She actually didn't mind wearing the band-aid. And I tried to compensate for my bad momma skills with excess treats for the girl. I wonder if she'll have forgotten about it by tomorrow when I have to finish off the other 14 nails...


jess said...

a lovley nestie once told me sugar + water stops a nail bleeder. the positive is its always in house and it can't harm the pups!

hope all is well,

Christy said...

Ouch. Poor Chloe. And that is why I don't cut my kids nails--I'm afraid this will happen.
We were even worst parents--we put a band-aid on Sissy and it got stuck and it was the worst having to hear her yelp in pain. I was crying too. Now we have those bandages they get at the vet.
GL finishing up her nails. :-)