Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wine and Crime...

We've all heard of the alleged health benefits to drinking red wine, such as lowering the risk of heart disease. But I have recently stumbled upon what appears to be yet another positive aspect of wine drinking. Check out this chart, which shows an inverse relationship between wine consumption and violent crime.

The chart is from a new site called Swivel, which is trying to be a “YouTube for data”. Commentors are quick to point out that correlation is not causation. The top theory on wine-crime relationship so far is that an aging population (which we have I suppose) would be more interested in drinking wine than committing crime. Maybe. Wine does have a “civilized” connotation in US society. Are we becoming more civilized?
from 'Winelog'

Conclusion: Drink more wine, have less crime!


Sarita said...

This is JUST the kind of fun fact I needed today! :::cracking open a bottle:::

I just paged you on ND...=)

Amanda said...

Does that explain why I can get violent if I don't get my wine? ;)