Sunday, May 4, 2008


As I lay face down on the massage table, I had second thoughts. And when the little Asian man told me that some people faint during their first time, I almost got up to leave. Maybe this isn't such a good idea. Maybe I can find a slightly less invasive way to go about this. Maybe I can deal with the vertigo just a little bit longer and if I pray enough it'll go away on it's own.

I admit that I was a cynic. Who ever thinks that being stuck with needles will be beneficial? But I've read on the internet that people who have suffered with vertigo and dizzy spells were helped by acupuncture treatments and at this point, damn near anything is worth a shot. So I forced myself to breathe and hoped for the best. After the first couple needles were placed, I was able to relax. I could barely feel them. Sure, I still freaked out a bit when he parted my hair and I realized, he's going to put a needle in the top of my head! Wha?? But it wasn't that bad! Honest. Didn't hurt. Didn't bleed.

And though it could be the acupuncture, or a coincidence, or a combination of all the things I'm trying... I am starting to feel better and that's really all that matter to me. So I will drink the gag-inducing chinese herbal tea that he gave me, and on Wednesday I will subject myself to the needles once again. I'll take those needles over spinning any day of the week...


This is the needle that had to stay in my ears from Wednesday until Saturday. Freaky, right? They look more terrifying in the photo. In reality, they're only about a cm long.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever works :) Hope it's all over for u! Love u, mom