Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, love!

Birthday boy...

Dearest Kevin,

I hope you have a fabulous birthday, despite the fact that we're working when we should be celebrating. Granted, this year we're not in an amazing location like in years past... last year we spent in San Francisco, the year before in Italy... but I think we can both appreciate the fact that we get to celebrate another year together. And that rocks.

Thank you for being the most amazing husband I could ask for. For the countless dinners cooked, dishes washed, loads of laundry done, and housecleanings. For always making me smile. For the surprise cards and flowers for no reason. For always finding my car keys, and any other things I may have misplaced. For doing the grocery shopping. For the backrubs, even when your own hands hurt. For working so hard that you're exhausted by 7pm. For humoring me and my camera, even though you don't like your photo taken much less posted on the internet. For understanding that my messyness inherent. For motivating me to get off my behind. For always supporting my decisions. For mushroom omlettes. For taking Chloe out on Saturday mornings so I can stay in my jammies just a little bit longer. For the many, many things that I haven't mentioned. For being the strength that has carried me through what has arguably been the most challenging year of my life. For everything that you are.

You deserve the most wonderful birthday ever.



I love you, boa. Happy 31st.


Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kev!!!
I hope you have a great day! Thank you for loving April :) Love, mom

Mary said...

Happy birthday Kevin! What a handsome hubby :) He sounds like a wonderful guy!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! It sounds like you have a fabulous hubster too. hehe Love the pic of him and Chloe!