Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've been wanting to try this for awhile...

I love movies. But, a trip to the movie store often turns out to be more hassle than it's worth. We rarely agree on which movie to rent, and when we do... chances are that the movie is not in stock. So we wander around aimlessly and usually walk out empty-handed and annoyed at each other's indecisiveness. Now that we're more or less settled, we decided to sign up for Blockbuster Total Access. It'll be so nice for us each to get to add whatever movies we'd like to see online, and then just wait for them to arrive in the mail. We chose this over Netflix because we can return the movie to the store and a) immediately be eligible for a new movie to ship, rather than waiting for them to receive it in the mail, and b) twice a month we can get a free in-store movie rental for returning it to the store, which does not count as an outstanding movie.

Now we need to start adding movies to our queue. Which is where you come in... Suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! I'd love to hear movies that you've seen recently, or not so recently, that you'd recommend. Please leave a comment!


Amanda said...

It's great! We went withi blockbuster b/c I return them and can rent twice as many in a month. PLUS they will email you a coupon that you can print out every month for a free rental. We've been watching classic movies & some of the great old ones.

Lottie said...

Exciting! I've always wanted to take advantage of that sort of thing. Here's a couple that spring to mind

Little Miss Sunshine
Pans Labyrinth

And my all time fav is Brief Encounter.

Christy said...

Loved this, when we had it. We cancelled it when we moved and never signed back up. FI also wants to try NetFlix because they have more independent movies etc.

I haven't rented in awhile, but I can suggest:
Pan's Labyrinth
Little Miss Sunshine
Disturbia (surprisingly really good)

If anything else comes to mind I'll add it.

Mary M. said...

We are netflix addicts, and get probably two movies a week. Here's the latest movies that we've seen:
Knocked Up (like ten times now, I LOVE IT!)
The Break Up (very cute)
The Longest Yard (Mike and I both enjoyed, which is rare)
Derailed (loved it)
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (corny, but funny - typical Adam Sandler.)

Hope this helps!