Thursday, April 26, 2007

Farewell Food...

Three nights ago Kev took me out for my 'last dinner' before I began my 11-day cleanse. We went to Kira, our favorite Japanese restaurant, and had sushi, beer, and tempura ice cream. It was a sad goodbye.

Several friends of mine have tried the Isagenix cleanse 9-day program, with impressive results. Sounded like just the thing to rid myself of my awful eating habits and inherent laziness. It's intended to cleanse the body of impurities and toxins from all the processed food we eat, burn fat and build muscle, and reduce cravings and appetite. It's not weight loss oriented, but due to the nature of the cleanse it is often a benefit.

So, I started on Tuesday. And so far, I haven't been ravenously hungry like I expected. I have, however, had a nagging caffeine headache that won't quit. The worst part of it all is the cleanse drink itself. It tastes like asswater. And I have to drink it four times today. God help me.

Next Saturday can't come fast enough. Yes, that is the first day that I'll be able to eat a real meal. These next eight days are going to be hard, particularly because in my office, temptation is everywhere. A tray of brownies in the lunchroom, doughnuts and bagels on the table behind my desk, the smell of popcorn wafting through the building, and knowing that the only thing that separates me from a vending machine full of all the Cheetos, Reese Cups, and Tastycakes that my little heart desires is a short flight of stairs. Ugh. Stay strong, stay strong...

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